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FREE Standard Delivery on ALL orders above PHP500!
Cheesy Gooey Toast Pizza - O-SUPERSTORE

Cheesy Gooey Toast Pizza



  1. Prepare the BBQ Red Sauce by mixing the TopChef Classic Buffalo Sauce and banana ketchup. Set it on your table along with the other ingredients to make your pizza station.
  2. Put your desired sauces, cheeses and topping on the white bread slices to make different kinds of pizza. Lay them all on a small tray
  3. Spray the toast pizzas with Baker's choice Baking Spray
  4. Cook the prepared pizzas in a toaster until the cheese melts and some parts become golden brown. (Around 3 to 6 minutes)
  5. Remove the toasted pizzas from the toaster and allow to cool for ab it before enjoying to eat them.


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