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Bacalao Al Ajo Arriero - O-SUPERSTORE

Bacalao Al Ajo Arriero


*Cod (bacalao) is easy to find in most groceries. Can't be made with any other fish except bacalo.


  1. Thaw frozen cod (bacalao) loins in cold water. This will help remove the excess salt from the cod which is a naturally salty fish.
  2. Once thawed, peek of its skin and squeeze out the water the loins have absorbed.
  3. Hand shred the cod or shred with a food processor.
  4. Add Goya Clasico EVOO to frying pan and heat at low to medium fire, add the garlic cut into thin slivers. Add the pimenton powder and saute garlic.
  5. Add the shredded cod (bacalao). Add the tomato sauce, and 1/3 glass of white wine and cook for 30 minutes or until the bacalo has absorbed the win, tomato sauce & water. If it gets dry, add more tomato sauce mixed in with water.
  6. Consistency should be dry but moist.
  7. Add in the olives and capers. Mix and turn the fire off.
  8. Drizzle with Goya Unico EVOO and allow to cool for a bit.

It is great cold on crackers or bread as a dip or warm with rice

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