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Insulated UVC LED Sterilizer Bag (LYL-XDXB-03)


Insulated UVC LED Sterilizer Bag (LYL-XDXB-03)

  • Effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses in 5 minutes
  • Intelligent hall switch induction device is senstive and responsive. Automatically cuts off power connection to avoid UV leakage.
  • Waterproof material with adjustable strap and reinforced handle
  • UVC dual-band 
  • USB interface
  • Versatile, can be used for delivery, food storage, or picnic box
Rated Input 5V
LED Wavelength 253.7+185nm
UV Lamp Light 1000h
Temperature 0-40 °C
Weight 1.15Kg
Size 310x200x195mm
Power Supply USB
Sterilizing Rate 99.9% | 360 ° Sterilization