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Goya Spain - Awarding Winning


Enjoy the flavor of premium and real olive oils with our Goya Spain Award-Winning Box featuring Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Unico (500mL) and Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Organics (500mL).

Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Unico is a premium olive oil made from a result of the exhaustive and rigorous control of the olive from its harvest to the table. Its origin is based on the careful selection of the Hojiblanca and Picuda olive varieties of Andalusia.

Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Organics (500mL) is a blend of the most selected varieties of olives from Andalucia, Spain which go through a strict and very careful process that result in this unrivaled organic oil. Certified USDA organic Goya Organics is an extraordinary sensory experience. An intense fruity green aroma with notes of herbs, tomatoes, almonds and artichokes.

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